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Author Topic: install issue...  (Read 4186 times)


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Re: install issue...
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2010, 12:51:17 pm »

yeah Granny, Im doing it just as you sugested. Im keeping the Vector CD in the drive, and just typing the linux root =/dev/hda4 ro command and booting Linux that way. Its nice that Ive learned that much, I keep thinking I should keep going and try and get Vector on my system so that I dont need a disk, but Im a long way from that. Im rediculously inept as far as computers are concerned. I was excited to boot a system, talk on hear is about writing code for language packages for browsers. Im trying to figure out how to open a different browser and get my mouse wheel working again, you guys are prepping for a whole new release, lol. I still havent moved beyond a little internet browsing and checking out the desktop. One thing that interested me, is that caitlyn, the one who made the most postsabout security, doesnt seem to come around any more. Is that an issue? And also, have no idea if my system updates automatically, or if I have to add the patches manually...

It takes just a few seconds more to boot through the install CD, so I wouldn't waste much time lusting after a boot from LILO installed on your hard drive. It shouldn't be hard to set up, but wait until you're more comfortable with what you're doing now.

You'll never hear me talking about writing code for anything.<g> I'm just a user, not a developer, and I have no desire to write code or scripts or develop in any way. But I'm sure grateful to those who do!

VectorLinux doesn't really do automatic updates, but you can get notification of available updates every time you start VL. Do you see an icon in your system tray for updates? I always turn it off and I don't remember what it looks like. The icon is started if you have the gslaptd daemon running. I think it runs by default in VL6. If not, you can start VASMCC as user, then select SUPER and give your root password. Under Services, Set Services for your run level (4 by default, 2 if you start in text mode), then be sure that gslaptd is selected to run in the background when VL starts.

If you click on the icon in the system tray, it takes you to the VL repos you have selected and has the updates already checked. You then tell it to install them. If you use the automatic notification, be sure you don't have the /testing repo selected. The daemon may even take you to gslapt automatically; I don't remember.

I don't like to get that kind of automatic update service and prefer to do it myself. So I don't run the gslaptd daemon. If you like it, it's safe to run as long as you don't install things from /testing in this kind of auto update. When you install things in /testing, it should be an informed choice on your part.

There are plenty of us on this board who aren't real techie users, so don't feel you're the odd one. We all started out knowing nothing and some of us still don't know much.<g>
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