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How to Determine the Version of VL You Are Using

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The easiest way to determine the version of VL that you are using is to open a terminal and type the following command:

--- Code: ---cat /etc/vector-version
--- End code ---

Starting with the VL 5.8 series you should see the version name and number as well as the build date. When you are looking for help with a VL issue, it is a good idea to post the output of this command in your post. Better yet, include it in your signature (you can set that up through the Profile link). ;-) That way, the folks who help out will better know how to answer your question.


Is there a way -- or could one be added -- to find out which version of Slackware a Vector release is based upon?

Back when I was using VL 2.0 and there was no forum on which to ask question (or at least I was unaware of any),  I was always a bit nervous about installing Slackware packages. It would be nice to have that info available local to the machine.

Yes, there is also /etc/slackware-version...  :)

Try this.  cat /etc/issue
 And you get this


That's a good command to keep in mind too. The main reason we're asking for people to post the output of "cat /etc/vector-version" is that it gives the date that the ISO master was rolled, as well as the specific version number (this is true as of the VL 5.8 series).

Thanks for bringing /etc/issue to our attention. :)



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