Author Topic: Am I just too Old for Linux?  (Read 4539 times)


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Am I just too Old for Linux?
« on: September 19, 2010, 05:14:23 pm »
Howdy Folks,
I am a Senior Systems Analyst with the government. Senior,  a title they give us oldsters. I am old school,  nuts-and-bolts network mechanic: dos, win work group, win95, win2k, winxp, ,  Nt Severs, windows servers, and oh yes Novell.  But my old buddy IBM, is now running  Linux. Ok, I am coming out of the MDF Closet. Yes, I admit, I sneak in the MDF using my Linux basic command book to navigate my IBM servers for Voip. I am I too old to learn Linux?
So I think why bother with Linux? Every time I install a distro, I spend hours getting it just to load. Then the real fun begins: trying to load a drivers. A simple nic, or god forbid I try wireless. I have tried dozens of distros, from the big dogs, to DSL. I mean I can get them running, kinda. In windows it's a slam-dunk-done. I don't even have to think...nice!
So  I had a couple of day off. After fighting with my Linux server at work, thought I'd stick my nose into Linux again.  Started out on Thursday. Literally went through over a dozen distro's. From ubuntu  to DSL. BTW who picks these names? Spent an hour just trying to pronoun Connochaet? Why not just Wildebeest? Anyhow, the same results. Many, many, many installs, cfdisk, cfconf,  /etc/rc.d/net star, LORD just to format and get a nic running. For every command I spent hours hunting them down.  I spent over 12 hours a day struggling through the quagmire of various Linux OS. The big are too big. The light OS require so much to get'em up. Even VectorLight.
Then YouTube! And there is VectorLInux with video and voice, what a GREAT idea.  That was Saturday night. In a few minutes cfdisk made sense. Saw a video on VL with text install. I installed it and reinstalled it till I got it just how I wanted.  Thank god it found my PCMICA dlink wired nic.  In one of my installs I tried my wireless Truemobile card. Well that was a miserable failure. But I have another wireless nic at work. a Netgear WG511 802.11g Wireless PCMCIA Notebook Adapter, I read somewhere it's a Linux easy install, ok, we'll see.
I am a survivor of the 60's! And the best I experienced from these different distro sites and forums is human beings! Folks out on the frontier of new ideas. Volunteering  time, dedication, energy, and a little money for the benefit of others; sharing for the sake of sharing! Here I thought that died with us old hippies! I am over whelmed. I read these threads of folks helping others. Each helping the other. WOW.
Ok enough of that. Here's my issue. I love this VL OS. I 'm setting up a (in a broke state) government employment workshop. Where job seekers can come in and use a computer, lean to write a resume, and search for a job. These folks mostly have very little computer experience.  And man can they trash a box! I love how Linux can add a user with very limited, and easy assignable rights. Win XP is a nightmare, MS has a program called steady state but its ugly. I'd love to introduce the public to VL. It looks like windows? Kinda works like windows?
So my questions:
-Where do I find networking tools?
-How do I setup simple tcp/ip printing?
-Could I use Iexplorer? Well maybe they firefox wouldn't frighten them that much.
-What about MS Office. Can I install that on VL?
Thanks _shawn


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Re: Am I just too Old for Linux?
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 06:01:24 pm »
Welcome to Vector Linux!

Too old ... Never.

We do need to know the Vector Version since each has some differences.

Being that you have used Novell and IBM I am guess AIX? You at least have an understanding that Linux
is not Windows. That is always the first hurdle.

From your post, I am assuming being familiar with networking and most other protocols.

Linux starts as Cli and adds GUI via an X server. I personally prefer editing files with better control
than using GUI which misses some of the more precise control.

With that out of the way.

  Almost all NIC cards work in Linux. Wireless can be another story.
  To setup your NIC card use as root in console:
   netconfig     (Follow the prompts)
Printing can be done from a web browser.
If there is an error, you may need to start cups.
   As root in CLi type:
   /etc/rc.d/rc.cupsd start
now try again.

IE is a cludge at best.
MS Office can being used inside a program called Wine.

I hope this gets you started. If you need more feel free to post in other areas.



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Re: Am I just too Old for Linux?
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2010, 08:04:52 pm »
Linux Version Complied #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu jan 22 2009.
Is there a more current version?
Thanks for the welcome. Love the command line.

Shawn,  bit hard and swallowed the hook'

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Re: Am I just too Old for Linux?
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2010, 08:41:37 pm »
Appears that is the latest I've found and that's from December 09.

Link to the "how to" on upgrading the kernel...

Welcome and good luck!
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Re: Am I just too Old for Linux?
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2010, 09:04:26 pm »
cat /etc/vector-version