Author Topic: /etc/cron.daily/z-backupsys? [solved]  (Read 2280 times)


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/etc/cron.daily/z-backupsys? [solved]
« on: November 02, 2010, 11:27:02 pm »

Does anyone know what the daily cron job /etc/cron.daily/z-backupsys does? Its contents:

# The following command invokes 'backupsys'
# with the default configuration file (/etc/backupsys.conf).
! /sbin/backupsys --backup-cron --update > /dev/null

Not sure what the '!' is doing at the start of line 4. There is also a cron job /etc/cron.daily/zz-backupsync?

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Solution: This is some sort of VL system backup that can be set with vasmcc. As there is no clear documentation on what it actually does, I just set its cron job to off.
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