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Author Topic: KDE question about tabs on panel [SOLVED]  (Read 1054 times)


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KDE question about tabs on panel [SOLVED]
« on: November 21, 2010, 04:49:17 pm »

I've been playing with SOHO 6 and have a KDE question. Is there any way to get KDE's desktops to work like Gnome's or XFce's. Specifically when I go to another virtual desktop, I would rather not see the programs opened on the first desktop in the "task bar" or panel or whatever it is called. 

Right-click on the "Task Manager" go to "Task Manager Settings" and there is a Click Box for "Only Show Tasks from the Current Desktop." That was simple. Now see what I can do about the Main Menu. 

Thanks for any pointers. Other than that -- and the bouncing cursor which I've already disabled -- I'm actually beginning to like KDE as it is implemented in VectorLinux SOHO.

Oh, and one other thing. Is there a way to get a "standard" Main Menu -- more like the one in VL Standard?

Well, that was even easier. Just right-click on the "V" then choose "Switch to Classic Menu Style." Only problem is, now I've lost the VectorLinux "V" and have the KDE "K." How can I get the "V" back?

Okay, got the "V" back. Right-click, "Application Launcher Menu Settings," then "Options" the click on the icon and click "Other."

Okay, one last question. Is there a way to move these "application launchers" on the panel? With Gnome it's just right-click, unlock and drag.

Just added a spacer to the other side of the "V" and now I've it looking the way I want (it was too "crowded" before).

So it's done -- which is good, because I've almost run out of colors.

(I'll keep researching.)
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