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Author Topic: OxygenOffice Professional 3.2.1- Office Suite  (Read 3350 times)


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OxygenOffice Professional 3.2.1- Office Suite
« on: October 16, 2010, 04:22:10 pm »

OxygenOffice Professional is an enhanced version of OxygenOffice Professional includes more than 3400 graphics, both clip art and photos, which are integrated into the gallery and can easily be placed into any OxygenOffice document.

OOoWikipedia, which can search Wikipedia, is also included. An enhanced help menu, additional User's Manual, and extended tips are great to help beginners get started.  Also, 64-bit capable and better integration with MS Office files.

Unlike OpenOffice, Oxgygen has the ability to read and write MS Word files and the capability the open MS files that OpenOffice can't.

Like Scribus, it comes integrated with a publisher.

For the repository? Thanks.  What is your opinion about this one? See the advantages below

Sourced here:


Oxygen works faster in some operations than This makes it perform faster than on older computers with less RAM.
The 3.0 installation no longer includes a large number of dictionaries for writing aids (spell checker, hyphenation and thesaurus), as this impacted application performance. Localised releases may include dictionaries for particular primary and secondary languages. Dictionaries are now available as downloadable extensions, separately for each language. Oxygen installation from version 3 on includes dictionaries in many languages, as a single extension, being a part of installation files. Inclusion of a large number of dictionaries in a default installation may affect performance.
The first time is started, a wizard opens to guide a user through the setting of user name and the registration process.This wizard is disabled in Oxygen.
Oxygen uses large icon sizes and the "Tango" icon style for toolbars and menus by default. uses small icon sizes and the "Classic" or "Galaxy" icon style by default.

Oxygen can write OOXML files, and not just read them.
Oxygen includes 3-D transition effects in Presentations (Linux).
Use of the GStreamer multimedia framework in Linux for multimedia content;
Oxygen uses a combo box in place of the zoom button in stock Newer OOo 2.x feature releases have a clickable status bar item for a zoom menu. A zoom slider was introduced to OOo 3.0 Writer and later added to OOo 3.1 Calc, Impress and Draw components.
Oxygen Calc 2.4.x has a built in function called "Solver". It is a little different from the Solver function of the same name, which is available from 3.0. 2.4.x has no Solver.

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