Author Topic: VectorLinux Core 7 Alpha4 is up and ready to test  (Read 89973 times)

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Re: VectorLinux Core 7 Alpha4 is up and ready to test
« Reply #120 on: February 08, 2011, 09:05:43 pm »
Replaced my failing hard drive and reinstalled A22. Still can't install using the text installer, but the GUI installer runs fine now.

Opened Gslapt and did an update all. This upgraded about half a dozen packages but libgphoto2 failed, needing hal>=

Tried to install Thunderbird and this failed needing gconf>=2.31.1

I installed xfce-mount-plugin. When I insert a USB drive or CD their icons appear on the desktop but they are not automatically mounted. It's easy enough to set in XFCE removable drives and media, but I seem to remember drives mounting by default before.

Also, the mount plugin shows gvfs-fuse-daemon > /home/andy/.gvfs, but I don't have fuse set to run. What is this one?

Quite a few apps which are installed don't show up as installed in Gslapt e.g. xarchiver, nano

Other than these few small points it's looking good and running fast.