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vl60 to VL7.0 migration project....complete

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Packaging does not have to be a dark science, especially when you can stand on the shoulders of those dark scientists and use the SlackBuilds they have already created.

Really any one can package when the work is already done.

Here is an example....

If you are short on experience but long on time, you can help rebuild the vl5.9 vl6.0 packages their newest versions for use on the upcoming vl7.0.

Anyone interested please chime in here.  If decent interest is shown I will see if one of the dev's can help me set up an IRC channel where I can make myself available for assistance.

I'm willing to help packaging for VL7  :)

Awesome, stay tuned. I'll set up a google doc that we can all use as a worksheet.

awesome !



Here is a start.  Should be accessible to everyone so please no saboteurs.  Just add name and date to the package line you want to call dibs on.  I've tried to select packages I believe have no dependencies to begin with.

Here is the tutorial again for the basic idea...
Some more points...some obvious :)
Build always on the most recent vl7.0 you can of now it is..
Easiest way to start would be to just
mkdir -p ./NAME/VERSION/src/
cd ./NAME/VERSION/src/
then use wget to put the vl60 /src/ contents into the /src/ directory you just created.
Make the changes as distribed in the video to the SlackBuild. Run as root.  Then install to test.


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