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Author Topic: [VL7] Unofficial FGLRX/Catalyst packages and source.  (Read 3047 times)


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[VL7] Unofficial FGLRX/Catalyst packages and source.
« on: March 31, 2011, 01:05:08 pm »

After failing to get vlati to compile drivers for me, I hacked these up from arch's AUR. I don't think these are quite getting the dependency list right, but on a fresh install of Beta2 they work great.

Bumped my fps in glxgears quite a bit over both vesa and radeon drivers. Now cairo-dock works in OpenGL mode. Haven't tried any other 3d apps with these drivers yet.

Unpack the .src.tar.gz files and run arch-makepkg in the directory. It'll whip together a spiffy new package for you, compiled just for your kernel.
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