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New to a Slackware-based distro...(VL is great!)
« on: April 27, 2011, 09:52:23 am »
Hello :) , as the title says I'm new to Vector Linux (Slackware in general).
I first used RedHat Linux with KDE 1.0 and later version 2 when we got our first PC (in 1998) when I was very young, but that was 12 years ago and I forgot about it.
Then we got a new PC with the windOS and it made me angry all the time because it was just stupid, so I hated computers.
Finally, first windOS and then the new PC broke. In this time I read about Commodore C64 programming (BASIC)(BAH! found out that it's from M$! :o >:() and thought that it's really great to handle the PC with the command line. Then I needed a PC because I wanted to go online and that stuff.
So I put the old PC out of the corner and turned it on, after it stood for 5 years there. The KDE didn't work anymore, but luckily it also had Gnome. Used it, but it couldn't detect my new Ethernet PCI card (originally it was only used with dial-up). Then went to the trashy modern windOS PC and downloaded and burned the Damn Small Linux ISO. It worked pretty well, but new multimedia programs (e.g. Flash v.10) didn't work because of the old Kernel. So went to Distrowatch and searched for the category "old computers". The best one for me out of them was/is Vector Linux. So i downloaded VL 6.0 Light and burned it with the burner stolen ;) from the broken newer PC.

And what I forgot, I made some upgrades to the PC (before I installed Damn Small Linux) e.g.RAM, a 2nd HD, etc.
Working now with Vector Linux and it's great, works very fine on my old machine! :)

Here are the stats of my PC:
Mainboard: AcerPower 6100
350 MHz Pentium 2 CPU
320 MB RAM
first HD (for the OS): 4.2 GB, but only 3.6 because of the swap partition
second HD (/home): 77 GB

update: Because of HD crash now 2x 77GB HDs
CD ROM drive 32x
CD RAM drive 52x
3½" floppy drive
ATI Rage Pro AGP graphics card, 4 MB video RAM (but it can grab 64 MB from the RAM)
10/100MBit/s PCI LAN card
2 port Parallel PCI card
1280x1024 CRT monitor

Sooo....this was all. ;) Thanks for reading this super-long post!
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