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Author Topic: Install of KDE classic from Live and Install fails to install kernel / Initrd  (Read 1065 times)


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I tried first from Live CD, and the install rebooted after installing files.  Didn't seem to be any setup steps after file install completed.

Then I tried the install disk and it failed after not being able to unpack a xx2.tgz file but informed it would try reboot anyway.

Can you point me to some step by step instructions?

I am very familiar with Slackware installs but it looks like you have modified the installer.

I intend to add this distro to my grub legacy multi boot.


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When installing the LiveCD, after the main file copy there should have been a step for installing LILO. Did that not appear?

The archives on the install version are highly compressed .tlz files. If one or more fail to extract the installation will be corrupt. It is recommended to burn the disc at less than maximum speed. I use 8x.