Author Topic: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"  (Read 34748 times)


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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #30 on: July 06, 2011, 11:23:30 pm »
Granny beat me to it when it came to recommending Midnight Commander. But, since I already wrote a little mini-tutorial off-line, here is my supporting vote for that great utility:

In a terminal, run command "mc". If you are using VL6 Light, it will be pre-configured for lynx-like motion, so you can navigate using the keyboard arrows. Right to enter a dir, up/down to see the files, and left to go back.  You can also use the mouse and click. Otherwise, you need to highlight with arrows and press Enter. Press the Tab key to move between the two panels.

In the left panel, navigate to an easy to remember location, like /tmp.

On the top menu, press F9 and highlight (or click on) "Right". Select "FTP link...", and type "" in the field. Now navigate via pub > firefox > releases etc. until you find the "firefox-5.0.tar.bz2" file. Highlight it with the arrow keys and press F5 (check the bottom info bar for more commands). This will copy the file to the left panel (/tmp).

Now navigate to the /opt directory in the right pane. Tab back to the left and highlight the firefox-5.0.tar.bz2 file, then press Enter. Give it a few seconds, and the contents of the archive should be displayed. Use F5 to copy the firefox folder to /opt. Informational: you can then tab to the right panel, highlight the /opt/firefox/firefox file, and press Enter. This will launch FF.

Next, navigate to /usr/share/applications and copy the mozilla-firefox.desktop to /tmp

While still in mc, type "removepkg firefox" and press Enter.

Navigate to /usr/bin. If you see a "firefox" file there, highlight and delete it with F8.
Use F9 (or click) File > Symlink. Type "/opt/firefox/firefox" in top field, "firefox" in lower.

Navigate to /tmp and /usr/share/applications, use F6 to move the mozilla-firefox.desktop file

Done. Press F10 to exit.

Compare the length of this walk-through to the command line instructions, and you quickly understand why some prefer the briefness and exactness of shell commands instead of trying to talk people through the use of a GUI.


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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #31 on: July 07, 2011, 12:35:42 am »
Between the two of you NF and GG. Definitely makes using VL more enjoyable. Nightflier is the king of well detailed how to's for sure. :D

Will more than likely try what you've listed nightflier. Just for the sake of learning it. Though for whatever faults it may have ... FF 3.6.xx is actually pretty snappy in VL and does get the job done.

Andy Price

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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #32 on: July 07, 2011, 06:57:25 pm »
Thanks for the tips, just upgraded to FF5 and it seems much faster and nicer than FF3.6 or whatever I was stuck at. Almost as nice as Chrome :)
Used the same method to upgrade Thunderbird to version 5, no problems so far, though it seems like a minor upgrade to me. One interesting thing though, it's much better at compacting folders. My email previously occupied 1.3 GB (after compacting) but after the upgrade the new Thunderbird compacted it to less than 1 GB.


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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #33 on: December 17, 2011, 11:15:07 am »
I feel compelled to point out that Opera had these Firefox "innovations" long before they showed up in Firefox. The things popular Firefox plugins do are already built into Opera, for the most part.

about:config is one thing I hate about Firefox. Why aren't most of those settings available to ordinary mortals in a menu or human readable form, as they are in Opera? It disgusts me that I have to go into about:config to make the backspace key work like in does in most browsers. And there's nothing to help you out, nothing that explains the obscure settings.

I don't dislike Firefox and I do use it sometimes. But Opera is my main browser in all operating systems and has been since Windows 3.1 days.

Welp, I found a rendering option that requires about:config in Opera 11.6x.
Opera hides some options, too. :(


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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #34 on: January 06, 2012, 09:12:14 am »
Welp I am sticking with Firefox thankyou! Obsolete, I'll show them obsolete when I hunt down each and every one of their computers and put Windows ME on all of them! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
Forever in a box


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Re: Chrome 12.x calls VL 6 "obsolete"
« Reply #35 on: March 24, 2012, 08:23:28 am »
I downloaded the newest (v12.x) of Chrome and got a "Your operating system is obsolete" message

Like it's Windows 95 and NT 4? WTF Google.