Author Topic: VectorLinux with Adaptec SATA RAID on desktop PC  (Read 2783 times)


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VectorLinux with Adaptec SATA RAID on desktop PC
« on: August 31, 2011, 03:50:51 am »
Hi chaps, some Linux experience but no knowledge of Vector.

The scenario: my desktop PC was designed as a server by UK company Fairchild. It uses an Adaptec card (2410SA) to drive a small RAID array which has performed excellently for years. It used to run XP/Fedora dual boot but I'm presently on Ubuntu and noticing the speed penalty. I'm keen to hang on to the Fairchild so I'm looking at alternative distributions, of which Vector is presently the most likely.

Ubuntu has excellent built-in RAID support via the aac driver. Can anyone give me advice, preferably from experience, about using Vector in this regard? How does it install? How does it run?

Best, W.