Author Topic: VectorLinux7 RC-3.4 LIVE ready to test  (Read 3746 times)


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VectorLinux7 RC-3.4 LIVE ready to test
« on: October 10, 2011, 06:05:07 am »
As Vector mentioned, Live follows Standard with a little bit of lag. You may now test RC 3.4 in a Live environment.

This is a fairly straight conversion from installed to Live, to ensure that the two act similar. However, some concessions had to be made to compensate for the Live system overhead. Opera, Git and the stripped kernel sources were removed, as well as the documentation in /usr/doc. The documentation will be made available as a separate download later. Live updating is not enabled, we would like to encourage bug hunting in the base system.

Testing in Virtualbox suggests a minimum of 256 MB RAM, with 512 or better recommended. Of course the system performs better if installed to a hard drive.

User names are "root" or "vl". All passwords are blank, just press enter or click OK if asked for a password.

Download here:
Md5sum: 59a5a21d6ff98d9bec3b63338fa56cfd

Bug reports: