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Author Topic: VL 7.0 ISO Installed - Flash Drive Removal Problem  (Read 1109 times)
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« on: December 05, 2011, 10:16:31 am »

I have installed VL 7.0 from the Install ISO.  When I insert my Centon 4 Gig Flash drive it auto mounts and I
copy some videos, and MP3's to my home subdirectory.  I close all open windows.  Nothing is accessing the
Flash Drive, except that it is still mounted at media.

I right Click on the Desktop Icon and it does not un-mount, so I can remove it.  Finally, I open MANAGE
REMOVABLE MEDIA, didn't change a thing, and now I can remove my media.  It appears that some bits
were toggled making it possible to remove the Flash Drives now.  Ideas?  This should be easy to duplicate.



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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 12:30:57 pm »

@ Ikraemer

Three things I've noticed with flash drives.

1. If a flash drive has U3 crap on it (or perhaps other windows type stuff that gets detected as another drive.) It's best to unmount/eject that before doing anything else with the drive.  Once the U3 system is unmounted the rest of the drive behaves normally.

2. After transferring large files, or especially if you delete a large file, the system needs to do a lot of clean up on stick inorder to allow it to be ejected.  You can do this experiment to see what I mean. 
Delete something large off of a usb stick.
In thunar turn on "Show hidden files".  You should see a hidden .trash folder on the usb stick that your deleted file was actually moved into.
Now eject the usb either by right clicking or in the side panel of thunar.  You notice the ejection takes a long time as it is actually deleting what was moved into that hidden .trash folder.
(Not 100% sure but this also may be true for moving stuff of a USB.)

Note...You can avoid this by deleting with shift+delete. Then nothing will be moved to the .trash folder but will be permenently deleted.

3. If you have anything open that you have used to access that device, a terminal, movieplayer, picture viewer, the usb will not be allowed to eject until that application is shut down.


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« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2011, 02:56:23 pm »

stretched thin,
Thanks for the reply.

None of my USB Flash Drives have the U3 junk.  I only use Centon USB Flash Drives and they are all used for xfers.

I did transfer some large folders/files, but nothing was deleted on the USB Drive.

Absolutely nothing else was open, or had been used to access the Flash Drive.  I just used Copy & Paste to
move some files/folders to access in VL7.

I've tried to duplicate the problem and I don't seem to be able to duplicate it so far.  Maybe I'll find out what happened.

It appears that if I wait about 2-4 minutes after a copy that the Flash Drives can be unmounted.....Sometimes......

Other times, I can't unmount the USB Flash Drive.......Unless I reboot VL.



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