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Author Topic: What size and all on the partioning? I just downloaded it and confused on sizing  (Read 658 times)


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How to partition my hard drive with gparted.
I have the latest burned to a disk. I was running
zorin. And many more. And most of them
partition on their own. So can anybody let me
know how to partition.  I'm running
pmagic live. So I can do it on the fly.

Thank You...

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flip city

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Check out this tutorial on using gparted.


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Check out this tutorial on using gparted.

OK I have it installed. I have 1 TB hard drive. Do you know the numbers that it should be.
I have installed a lot of linux. But they have been all on auto install as in erase and use
all of disk. Any help be wonderful. So far it runs nice.


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Vectorlinux screencasts and  tutorials can be found at....