Author Topic: VectorLinux-7 SOHO RC1.8 is avaialable for testing  (Read 20158 times)


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VectorLinux-7 SOHO RC1.8 is avaialable for testing
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:34:35 pm »
The VectorLinux Development Team is proud to announce the RC1.8 release of the KDE 4.8 based VectorLinux-7 SOHO featuring Linux 3.0.8 and KDE 4.8.

After well over many thousands of downloads of VectorLinux-7 GOLD our goal to continue the future growth of Vector is to bring you quality spins such as our SOHO project. The release is based on KDE 4.8.0 and Linux kernel 3.0.8 with a unique Vector theme. updates were done to Qt, boost, subversion, phonon packages and Scribus to name a few of the newer base packages included. GRUB2 and lilo are available as boot loaders and we have our robust gui installer available for easy installation.

This is a two CD install version that gets you all of the standard KDE apps, libre-office 3.4.4, amarok, ktorrent, opera, firefox 10, printer support and k3b to name a few. You can also install additional packages from our repositories as needed.

This is a testing release and as such the developers would appreciate comments and
bug reports to help in our quest to reach a final stable release.
The installation iso's are available here:


Please post comments and bug reports here:

Thank You all !!

The Vector Team
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Re: VectorLinux-7 SOHO RC1.8 is avaialable for testing
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2012, 06:11:22 pm »
could you tell me if there's a fluxbox second boot option with this distro?