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Author Topic: blueray on VL6  (Read 1897 times)


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blueray on VL6
« on: February 10, 2012, 02:33:34 am »
Hi folks,

Has anyone used a bluray writer with VL6.0?

I received a drive for xmas and have been looking to use it to backup my >20Gb music library. Googling has given me the impression that the underlying system of my fully updated KDE-Classic installation (inc. growisofs 7.1) has full support for the writer, is this correct? However, I am unable to sort out a frontend that allows me to access it.

I am loathe to install a new system as my current setup works very well in all other respects & I am a firm believer in 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. I will shortly be putting VL7.0 on a 2nd boot but it is likely to be many months before I change from 6 as my main system. Also, any change from KDE3.5 brings howls of outrage from the family.

Any advice welcome.
Cheers, Kimdino


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Re: blueray on VL6
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 05:23:39 am »
As far as i know k3b can burn blueray disc (k3b-2.0.2 is in the repo) but installing it will install some kde packages too...
btw...the latest version is only available for VL7...

Changelog (since 1.0.5)

    Port to KDE Platform 4
    Always allow manual writing speed selection
    Use proper toolbars instead of the toolboxes -> nicer laying out with different styles
    Merged CD and DVD copy dialogs
    Merged CD and DVD image burning dialogs
    Merged CD-RW erasing and DVD formatting dialogs
    Merged Data CD and Data DVD projects into one plain data project with Blu-ray support
    Merged eMovix CD and eMovix DVD projects
    Removed CD copy option "prefer CD-Text". K3b will now ask individually (there is no need to do this if no mounting is involved)
    Allow importing of arbitrary sessions into a data project, thus continuing other than the last session
    "Clear project" now only clears the added data but leaves the settings as they were (bug 147838)
    Added support for files bigger than 4GB via mkisofs 2.01.01a32 and above Do only reload the medium for verification if necessary (depends on the writer)
    Support for Blu-ray writing
    Support for DVD and Blu-ray writing via cdrecord
    New audio ripping pattern %e which is replaced by the file extension
    Better support for RTL languages