Author Topic: HOW TO : install nvidia graphics drivers for nvidia graphics cards on VLocity  (Read 3858 times)

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Here' s the process that worked for me :

1. Find the kernel version you're using: command "uname -a
2. Download the corresponding stripped-src, package:
3. Check here : for the package.
4. Install the stripped-src package with the installpkg command.
5. Identify your graphics card with command lspci in a terminal.
6. check the Nvidia website for your matching needed driver and download and save to your favorite directory.
7. open a terminal and as # type vxconf ; then choose VESA. : then type init 2.
8. now enter cd and go to the directory where you saved the nvidia driver that was downloaded.
9. change to root # and enter command : sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-variable depending on your specific
10. Follow the nvidia prompts.
11. when finished with prompts as # type init 5.
12. Adjustments can be made from menu : Settings > NVIDIA X Server Settings.  
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