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« on: April 02, 2012, 05:43:38 am »
I decided today to load VL 7 standard onto two old machines....bios says 2004 on one and 2005 on the other.  It took quite a while.  Never sure if its hardware, bad burn, bad download, my stupidity or a combination of all 4.  But it was worth it.  Those old machines run VL 7 fast. 

Though kept in a hard plastic case, for some reason the VL7 disk which I had burned in November seemed to have degraded.  So I burned another one, and it didn't work.  Then found out that perhaps dosemu, which I generally keep loaded, apparently screws up a burn.  Anyway, frustrating, but satisfying when it all finally comes together.

VL7.0 xfce4 Samsung RF511


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Re: tired
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Congrat's on the determination
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