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problems with removable media
« on: April 23, 2012, 04:56:47 pm »
hi every body
1st of all i am new to vector Linux and i am so happy with this experience on
my laptop   dell inspiron 6400   
one of the causes to move to Linux basically because other than all the awesome things all we know
is the good handling of removable media
but i noticed that is not good handling here like my experience with other distro  like Ubuntu
one thing is keep saying need authorization and i write the password but nothing happened
other thing is formatting   the flash drive but say can't done
i need to know what is the problem ?
is it related to the file system    fat , ntfs , ext ?
thank you in advance


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Re: problems with removable media
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2012, 12:40:08 am »
I am sympathetic, but can't really help.  I have one external harddrive, a Seagate, which mounts fine each time.  I have another, a Verbatim, which sometimes doesn't mount unless I try different usb ports. 

I used to have the authentication problem, with earlier versions of Vector, but don't anymore.  Can't recall what I did.  Someone on this forum had a idea and it worked.  I don't think I reformated either drive.  And the problem was more on my end than Vector's.

And I take issue with your concern about VL not being friendly with removable media.  VL7 standard, without any modification, mounts Olympus camera etc without any problems (except the Verbatim) and it eventually recognizes the Verbatim, something my daughter's Apple laptop won't do at all. It wouldn't mount my Kodak camera but that is because Kodak demanded proprietary Microsoft.  I gave that camera away and am happy to report that Kodak is now out of the camera business.  And I made no modifications to VL 7 to help it recognize removable media.  So I suspect that somehow your install didn't go right, that you are not using VL 7, or that you are trying to mount something requiring proprietary software.   

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Re: problems with removable media
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2012, 04:25:52 pm »
thank you Mr sledgehammer for your response
i am really using VL 7 standard   on my laptop dell inspiron 6400
with also windows xp sp3 on other partition
my 1st problem was really that mounting other two partition which are ntfs file system keep saying need authorization
but  when i was running the system after 1st installation of the system 4 months back was OK  no problems
appears recently but i couldn't remember when it was 1st started
another thing that i again examine some of my flash drivers usb was OK but i couldn't find where i format the drive?
another question sorry  i want to know where i can find all my installed applications ?
in any directory can i find the sources which installed through repositories?
thank you in advance
Dr sanusi