Author Topic: Kernel config with a 64 bit processor and high memory support  (Read 5567 times)


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So yesterday i compiled a kernel, did it twice in fact. With the same version. :) The first time i rebooted the kernel only saw 900 megs or so of my installed memory. After i turned on high memory support and recompiled, all 3 gigs are being seen now.

The reason i didnt have high memory support turned on the first time is that the help in menuconfig says
"Select this if you have a 32 bit processor and between 1 and 4 gigabytes of RAM."

So this leaves me wondering if i made the right choice in the "Processor Family" section of menuconfig.
I have a Pentium D dual core chip and i chose (586/K5/5x86/6x86/6x86MX) is that the correct choice?

and yes according to gkrellm both cores are being used. /proc/cpuinfo identifies the chip as cpu family 15, model 6.

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