Author Topic: Anybody remember Yggdrasil?  (Read 3258 times)


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Anybody remember Yggdrasil?
« on: May 13, 2012, 06:02:36 am »
That's how far back I go, to 1994.  I was then a Red Hat person, that is until it became bloatware around Version 8.  I went on to SuSE, until ditto, and since then, then I've been all over the place.  Currently I am running Vector with XFCE, my first stab at a Slackware derivative, and I like it very much!  It is slick, spare in size and very fast, both on my Turion 64X2 laptop and on Semprons.  I also run PCBSD, the only system that I have yet seen which is as efficient, and Red Hat 7.2 on an old 1997 Maxvision Alpha workstation with a PC164 motherboard.

I am a long time *nix person, retired for eleven years and decidedly rusty as a sysop ( formerly, HP-1000 A990s running RTE-A, HP-9000s running HP-UX and my old Alpha on Tru64), but these days I write a whole lot more literary fiction than  C or Fortran.  My current project is trying to resurrect a Micron Millenia TransPort (40MB, 133 Pentium)  for sentimental reasons.  It was the machine on which I wrote my first novel, using, believe it or not, vi as my editor, but I have not yet found a modern 'light' Linux which will run acceptably.

Anyway, that's me, other than for my login name, Commiercam.  I photograph, preferring film to digital, and most of my equipment is Russian and Ukranian because of its sturdiness and the superb lenses, true 'Commie' cameras.  Glad to be here!


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Re: Anybody remember Yggdrasil?
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Welcome :)


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Re: Anybody remember Yggdrasil?
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Hey welcome to the fold.
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