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Author Topic: 20120601 ffmpeg-0.11 [VL7.0]  (Read 1339 times)


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20120601 ffmpeg-0.11 [VL7.0]
« on: June 01, 2012, 08:58:25 am »

M0E_lnx has built a new Ffmpeg package for VectorLinux 32bit and 64bit repositories 7.0.
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg: FFmpeg (Video and audio converter)
ffmpeg: FFmpeg is a very fast audio and video converter.  It can also grab
ffmpeg: from a live A/V source. The command line interface is designed to be
ffmpeg: intuitive, in the sense that FFmpeg tries to figure out all the
ffmpeg: parameters, when possible.  You have usually to give only the target
ffmpeg: bitrate you want.  FFmpeg can also convert from any sample rate to
ffmpeg: any other, and resize video on the fly with a high quality polyphase
ffmpeg: filter.
   After testing this package please stop back here and let us know how it works for you.
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Re: 20120601 ffmpeg-0.11 [VL7.0]
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2012, 12:33:51 am »

Tested ffplay on mp4 video played real nice.

Tested openshot and kdenlive, both fail with this ffmpeg.  Does not mean there is anything wrong with this ffmpeg, but does mean they will have to both be rebuilt against it.

I could not play steam a youtube video with vlc using the new ffmpeg
Nor could I play an mp4 video with vlc using the new ffmpeg.

Trouble with moving in a new ffmpeg is almose everything that has a dep on it will need to be rebuilt to use the new one.

As well as vlc, openshot and kdenlive above, the list below most likely will need to be rebuilt as well.

Could anybody help a repo maintainer out and test these other packages which have a dep on ffmpeg against ffmpeg-0.11.

/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  xine-lib-1.1.19-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  mpd-0.16.6-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  transcode-1.1.5-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data:PACKAGE NAME:  ffmpegthumbnailer-2.0.7-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  gegl-0.2.0-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data:PACKAGE NAME:  gst-ffmpeg-0.10.11-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  libquicktime-1.2.3-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  mediastreamer-2.7.3-i586-4vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  openscenegraph-3.0.1-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  wxsvg-1.1.8-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  2mandvd-1.7.3-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  bombono-dvd-1.2.1-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  clementine-1.0.1-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  deadbeef-0.4.4-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  deadbeef-0.5.1-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  dvdstyler-2.1-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  electricsheep-2.7b12-i586-4vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  gmediafinder-38b8969-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  guvcview-1.5.3-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  k3b-2.0.2-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  kdenlive-0.9-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  minitube-1.7-i586-4vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  miro-4.0.6-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  openshot-1.4.2-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  picard-0.16-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  qmmp-0.5.3-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  tupi-0.1_git12-i586-1vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  vlc-2.0.1-i586-3vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  xmms2-0.8DrO_o-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  mediastreamer-2.7.3-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  msilbc-2.0.3-i586-2vl70.txz
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages/package_data-PACKAGE NAME:  ffDiaporama-1.3-i586-2vl70.txz
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