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Author Topic: intel pro wireless 2200bg disconnecting  (Read 2182 times)


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intel pro wireless 2200bg disconnecting
« on: June 07, 2012, 05:37:08 am »

Hi, I am new here.

My laptop: HP Compaq NX8220 and wirelles adapter as in the title.
My problem is, that adapter is disconnecting from network very often (seconds/ minutes intervals).
I have tried many Linux distros but none of them has problem with wireless adapter (WA).
I searched many forums and tried some solutions (such as firmware update, ...) but without succes.

I like Vector Linux (Light 7.0) but I absolutely can't use wifi. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Michal G.

//Edit: dmesg | grep ipw printed: "attempt to set invalid wireless mode" with various codes.
Then I tried
Code: [Select]
# rmmod ipw2200
# modprobe ipw 2200
This helped. Connection was far more stable, but still have disconnect (ca. 30 mins- hours intervals).
That was yesterday.
Today was connection established, but has disconnect. Now I can not connect at all. Wicd is printing "bad password", but I did not change anything.

Help please.
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