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Release cycle?
« on: November 01, 2012, 08:34:15 am »
Used VL way back in the 3.x days and always liked it but moved on to other stuff. Currently using a rolling distro that has become problematic with upgrade breakage and no way to roll back to earlier versions as older packages are removed from repos. ( Can setup local repos but still a hassle).

I need a business distro that will remain stable for several years as constant upgrades disrupt business workflow.  I don't mean stable as in files become corrupt. I mean stable as in the developers will NOT "fix it" if it ain't broke, which seems to be the norm today. Always been KDE fan but currently testing 7.0 std gold xfce on an hp mini 1000 and I like it a lot. I understand SOHO edition leans towards business but am having second thoughts about KDE and XFCE seems capable.

I think I have a decent handle on various VL versions but would like to know two things that maybe missed in the docs:

1.  Is there a general release cycle for individual VL versions or do they generally follow a single cycle and what is that cycle?

2. Any thoughts on VL 6.0 vs 7.0  Been reading about some regressions in newer kernels