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Author Topic: VL7.0 STD Gold Live Logout /Login produces "new live Session?"  (Read 786 times)


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Thinkpad T21 Plll 800 mhz /  384mbRAM

 Installed, VL7.0 STD GOLD from  LiveCD, rebooted, set things up as I like, logged out and upon login what appears to be the LiveCD desktop is back again even thought the disc is out and across the room.

I have the default background and the "makeliveCD"  and "install VL" icons in addition to all the other stuff that normally appears in a live install. Is the Live session config files being saved in the new users desktop config file?

What am I missing?

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Re: VL7.0 STD Gold Live Logout /Login produces "new live Session?"
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What you see is normal. The idea is that you can easily re-spin your install by modifying it and creating a new LiveCD.

If you do not plan on doing this, it is safe to just delete those launchers.