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torcs steering
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:12:31 am »
I installed torcs and would like to drive but attempts to adjust the controls (arrow keys or mouse) to steer seem so rediculously sensitive I just go off the road or 360.  what is the better settings. would a steering wheel be better or is it the same as an arrow click when turned

Edit: I often see wheels at the local junk shops now that I think about it,  but not sure if ms are an issue due to drivers or if only some have the incremental rather than click steer if that is a means of discription.

Edit2: I'll just uninstall this as it is simply frustrating and not the diversion for me. pysol rocks : )

Edit3: could not resist reinstalling this cool game and found that switching from rookie to amature level plus using the gas and brake more  really helped. I also switched control to the mouse all of which allows better play. thought I would post it as this is a great addition to the repository and for new users a little tweaking goes a long way.
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