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Author Topic: Is Vector email being blocked by AT&T ISP in the U.S.??  (Read 3567 times)


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Is Vector email being blocked by AT&T ISP in the U.S.??
« on: February 21, 2013, 04:25:58 pm »


   Absolutely LOVE Vector.  Have been a Linux user since Slackware came out.  Yes, I'm that old!  Just put VL on my old HP Pavilion laptop, Ubuntu had brought it to it's knees!  Now it runs [as we say in the South] "like a scalded dawg"!  It's just great getting a new computer by simply loading VL.

   I run LMDE on my big, multi-processor machines, and have been a Debian and Slackware disciple since the mid-90's.

   Vector Linux has the highest quality level in terms of things installing easily and simply working right of any desktop distro, and I have tried them all.  Sure, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. work perfectly on a big "plain vanilla" machine, but I have installed VL on numerous old machines with oddball hardware and peripherals, and am delighted with how quick and easy you can get these systems working compared to the time it would take with one of the "big boys".

   Did run into one problem.  When I registered for this Forum, I used my "" email address.  Activation emails simply would not come through.  I resent 8 times.  The email address is in regular use and works perfectly, yet emails from VL would not be delivered.  When I switched to a "" address the activation email came through in seconds.

   If I can be of any help in your testing and correcting this issue, just let me know.  I have some contacts in AT&T, and there is no reason in the world why VL should be blocked.  Conversely, if you guys regularly send confirmation emails to "" addresses without problems, PLEASE let me know so I can get to the bottom of it from this end.  Thanks!

   Keep up the good work.  I have kept an eye on VL for a few years and the hard work has paid off in a top notch OS.



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Re: Is Vector email being blocked by AT&T ISP in the U.S.??
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2013, 04:44:35 pm »

It depends on whether emails from the site have been reported in the past. I go through this on a regular basis with hotmail and registrations on my site. Every 6 months, I have to send an email to Microsoft to get the server address unblocked because idiots who sign up for the site, then turn around and report the registration email as spam. >.<
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Re: Is Vector email being blocked by AT&T ISP in the U.S.??
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2013, 05:16:11 pm »

I agree Vector is excellent, and no more searching drivers guide for several possible drivers, just install and enjoy

perhaps not your case but I often find my sign ups in the junk folders rather than my inbox

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