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Login Incorrect Please helpme
« on: March 14, 2013, 12:00:31 pm »
I don't speak english u.u
Yesterday, I install vector linux 7.0 standar version in my pc. I install and partition from cd and i delete windows xp.
My pc works all nigth installing but when i try to configure this morning, my pc don't works  >:(
I try again install, and i did it  ;D I configure to boot from gnu grup and i make a user with password (i don't want this but was required)
Now, I try to login with my user and password and says "login incorrect"

I search this, i try with lv and vector but don't works. And i don't have active the bloq mayus

And i do know how enter with root or other user.
Please Heplme

Hablo en español :)
lo mismo,, ayer instale vl 7.0 standar version, tenia el win xp antes,, con una sola particion,, y cuando instale el vl, particione y borre el win,, se instalo toooda la noche,, me acoste a dormir,, cuando me levante ya estaba instalado,, me puse a configurar, se clavo y pantalla gris -.- reinicie y empeze todo de nuevo. Se instalo bien, configure todo. Me pidio usuario y contraseña,, cosa que nunca uso. Pero le puse,, algo bien simple. Usuario mi nombre y contraseña el nombre de mi gata.
Ahora cuando reinicio, me pidio el us y el pass,, y no me los acepta,, me dice "login incorrect"
Me puse a buscar y todos usan vl - vector o root - vector,, pero ninguna entra.
Tambien dicen q me fije en el bloq mayus pero esta desactivado.
La unica solucion es entrar como root y crear un nuevo usuario,, pero no tengo la menor idea de como hacerlo. Cuando inicia salen dos opciones para entrar,, y en ninguna puedo hacer nada u.u
Por favor ayudenme! Gracias!


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Re: Login Incorrect Please helpme
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2013, 01:20:22 pm »
Until wiser heads reply, since you can log in as root, I would do so and add a new user in VASM.  Then just log in as the new user.

You might also be able to change the password for your existing user.  Not sure about that.

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Re: Login Incorrect Please helpme
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2013, 07:01:06 pm »
First thing:
Try logging in with no password. Just hit "enter".

If that does not work, reboot. At very first screen select "linux-tui". When it starts, you see a text picture of "Tux" penguin and will ask you to login,
Code: [Select]
vector login: rootThen it will say
Code: [Select]
password:Put root password. Nothing will show. Not even "*". Not anything. Type carefully.

Code: [Select]
root:# tail -n 5 /etc/passwd
That shows the last 5 users, It does not show their password.
Code: [Select]
haldaemon:x:82:82:User for HAL:/var/run/hald:/bin/falseu
roarde:x:1000:1000:Move The Needle:/home/roarde:/bin/bash
avahi:x:214:214:Avahi User:/dev/null:/bin/false
User 1000 will be your cat. It is OK if it is user 1001 or 1002 or something else. Only use the same spelling and capitals.
If your cat is named "roarde", it has my sympathy. But we must demonstrate.
Code: [Select]
root:# passwd roarde
Changing password for roarde
Enter the new password (minimum of 5 characters)
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
New password:
( put in new password )
You may get this:
Code: [Select]
Bad password: too short.  
Warning: weak password (enter it again to use it anyway).
New password:
If you see that, put the same password. At last you get:
Code: [Select]
Re-enter new password:You know what to do. At last it says
Code: [Select]
passwd: password changed.
cool. :)
Start the graphics
Code: [Select]
root:# init 4Screen goes black and graphical mode starts up. Ask your cat to log in.

It is NOT necessary to boot to text to do this, only to be root. It's just that doing it without having to start a terminal from xfce and so on probably translates easier. Also, I did step-by-step and used simple words for the same reason. If one line doesn't translate well, maybe the next one will.

Good luck. Have fun. Please let us know how this works.
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