Author Topic: bit torrent link at broken?  (Read 5298 times)


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bit torrent link at broken?
« on: May 16, 2013, 12:42:48 am »
Hi folks,
I'm dying to try out vectorlinux!
I've just spent a week with slackware 64-bit 14.0 and love it, but find it a bit too much of a steep curve up for
my limited CLI skills.

Problem: I have twice tried to get the iso for VL 64 SV from the official web site, and twice have lost the iso and the data!
The second time, using ktorrent, I got to the very last bit, at 698.9mg, when up flashed a screen too fast to read properly,
sthg to the effect of "an illegal" sthg or other, and she was gone!

So combining both failed attempts, I've burned a whopping Gigabyte of data for nothing! can't afford to fail again.

Question: could someone please send me an url for a more certain download? (or was it perhaps that my version of ktorrent, working under slackware's strict restrictions on propriety, didn't like the iso for some neuro-techtonic reason and spat it out at the last?)

Confused, anxious and impatient to try the VL experience!


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Re: bit torrent link at broken?
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 06:42:11 am »
Is this the link you used?

I just tried the link and downloaded it without any problems. This is the ISO not a torrent.

Open the link above in a browser and it should prompt to save the file.




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Re: bit torrent link at broken?
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2013, 01:31:35 pm »
Bigpaws' link is a good one.

edit: I reread your post and saw your main concern is burning up your download limit. Ignore the stricken text and proceed to the instructions for wget ("Code:").
Use the browser you posted here with. Be sure to right-click on the link and choose "save link as" or similar. If that works, you should grab this too:
Read the md5sum command below to verify your download.

Surest way I know of is open a terminal and:
Code: [Select]
mkdir download
cd download
wget -c

The "-c" is for "continue". It's ok to use this on the first attempt; using it on subsequent attempts should allow you to complete an aborted download rather than starting from scratch. The first URL there grabs the md5sum so you can verify your download.
Code: [Select]
md5sum -c VL64-7.0.1-STD-FINAL.iso.md5sum.txtIt should return "VL64-7.0.1-STD-FINAL.iso OK".

The md5sum.txt file is very, very small, and restarting downloads with wget is cheap as far as data use goes. Of course you'll still use the amount necessary to grab the file, but you should have a good one when you're done. There's a way to try starting with any partial file you have, but I give it a low chance of success and don't suggest it.

edit: Changed my mind. mkdir download, cd download. If you have a partial file (mostly complete from what you said) copy it here. Be sure the name matches. If not,     mv <oldname> VL64-7.0.1-STD-FINAL.iso       Then do the complete wget and md5sum commands from above.

If the filesize you have is what you say, trying this first will cost very few bytes. If it doesn't work, delete the ISO, take a deep breath, say bye to most of another GB of use, and rerun the wget and md5sum commands. OR: there's a way to lop off the last several bytes of a previous attempt and try again using "dd". If you'd like to try that, post back. I probably won't be here, but someone else will know what I'm saying and send the info.

Good luck, HTH
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