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Author Topic: mc-4.8.9 [VL 7.0]  (Read 749 times)


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mc-4.8.9 [VL 7.0]
« on: July 14, 2013, 05:28:06 pm »
I have uploaded mc-4.8.9 for VL-7.0 32 & 64bit to the testing repo...

mc: mc (Midnight Commander file manager)
mc: The Midnight Commander is a Norton Commander clone, a program that
mc: manipulates and manages files and directories.  Useful, fast, and has
mc: color displays on the Linux console.  Mouse support is provided
mc: through the gpm mouse server.  This is a lightweight compilation of
mc: mc for use on the text console or in an xterm.
mc: License: GPL
mc: Authors: Refer to AUTHORS
mc: Website:

PS: MC provide a wrapper script that forces mc to retain the directory it was run on upon exit as default. Just manully copy the and mc.csh script from /usr/libexec/mc to your /etc/profile.d/ and restart X server to enable it. Pls check the scripts permission too...