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« on: July 25, 2013, 07:28:36 am »

I have been using yate sip phone from untested now for several days.  I think its ready for testing at least and perhaps the regular repositories.  I am using it now exclusively as my sip phone and it works well.  It is really great to have a reliable quality sip phone for a change.  The two problem I find with yate are:

1.  The ringer has to be disabled before it will accept incoming calls.
2.  It hangs up (after a few seconds) an incoming call on my telephone-based home internet, but does not hang up on my cable-based office network.

I don't yet know how to make yate add a call to an existing call, so I still use Twinkle or Linphone on those occasions. 

Yate has great audio and an excellent, very usable local address book.  In my book, yate is superior to a cell phone when wifi is around.

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Re: Yate
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I have move the yate package to the testing repo