Author Topic: How to make an Android app work on a Linux environment?  (Read 12441 times)


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How to make an Android app work on a Linux environment?
« on: February 12, 2014, 07:10:07 pm »
Hi everyone!

Thanks for letting me into this forum!
I worked in a hardware/software company that provides technical supports for POS (Point of sale) systems, particularly restaurant POS.
Currently, the company is developing a new app for Point of sale businesses, but it is compatible only for Android devices.
If you are an App developer or someone good at any Linux software, please check out the POS software on our site if you can make it run on this platform.
We have heard POS software can run fast and more reliable on a Linux platform so we decided to make a different version of it.
The app was made to help out not only restaurant owners but also to provide better services for their customers.
Any technical assistance from you guys will be much appreciated.

Thanks very much!

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Re: How to make an Android app work on a Linux environment?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 09:50:32 am »
Hello there!

I am not aware of any way to make an android app to work on Linux natively.
Android apps usually use a Java API that runs on a custom virtual machine created by Google called Dalvik VM. Nothing prevents porting Dalvik to Linux but for some reason nobody did it. You could install the SDK in Linux and run your app through the emulator, but I guess you would be better using an Android device directly. If you really want to run your app in Linux, I think your best strategy is to write your app as a library and then provide an interface for each platform. Another way would be to create a web service on top of your application, and then you could use it in any Internet enabled device, including Vector of course.
Those are the options I can think from the top of my head, let us know if we can help more, and how your project evolves.

Good luck!

Regards, Rodrigo
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