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Author Topic: reading on a laptop  (Read 2589 times)


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reading on a laptop
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:29:08 am »
I read books on my samsung laptop.  Anyone have a suggestion how I can improve the experience?  I like Google Books and  I often print the online version to a pdf on my harddrive so I can read it offline.  Finding my place when returning is at best inconvenient.  These new rectangular screens don't help much.  Turning the computer on its side helps but then using the arrows is awkward.
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Re: reading on a laptop
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 04:01:07 am »
Yes..with pdf I tend to fit the page to the window width and/or zoom and turn off the side panel (uncheck show index) and scroll pages with the mouse or arrows for as much screen width as possible.

 agree finding the page later is a pain sometimes. I recently tried evince that hata_ph created for bo7.1 to replace epdfview and was delighted to find that when I reopen the test books they were at the last read page.

switching to epub from pdf may help,find the page at least. I think manybooks offers epub in addition to pdf not sure about google books.

 I use fbreader and calibre although fbreader is lighter it is cross platform and reads several formats, it also opens to the last page read. I have it on smaller devices as well as the laptop so transferring files is easy.

 calibre allows you to edit, add book covers etc. in addition to reading epub and pdf. I have many books from project gutenburg as they are free or donation classics and often do not have a cover. I think I seen both fbreader and calibre in the VL repository for VL7.1, and have fbreader on VL7-light

hope that helps
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