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USB to Parallel Adapter
« on: November 30, 2013, 07:43:40 pm »
I've been struggling with getting my HP Mini (running VL7.0 Light) to print on my Canon BJ-200 using a USB to Parallel Adapter.  I tested the operation of this setup with Win XP and it prints just fine.  Try after try with VL and no go.  I just couldn't configure Cups to print.  I searched the forum for ideas and even upgraded to Cups 1.5.4 from the testing repo, but still no go.  Hooked everything up to my Gateway running Fedora 19 (64 bit) with Cups 1.6.4 and it saw the printer right away and printed like a champ.

After searching the Web I finally found the CUPS - ArchWiki page and it had a section on USB to Parallel Adapters.  I used this line in for the URI:


Bingo! Works beautifully!  Well at least it does with CUPS 1.5.4 and I'm not going back to 1.4.6 to test it.

Hope this helps someone else having this same trouble.

HP Mini 1126NR - Intel Atom N270 @1.6Ghz - 2GB Ram - 64GB SSD
  VL7.0 Light  LXDE

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  VL7.0 Light LXDE

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Re: USB to Parallel Adapter
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2013, 07:18:23 am »
Thank you for that info.   :)