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Author Topic: HOWTO: Install WGU-Messenger on VL64 7.0  (Read 5279 times)


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HOWTO: Install WGU-Messenger on VL64 7.0
« on: January 21, 2014, 08:00:00 pm »

A better version than this will be along at some point soon.

A] Download the package from here.
B] Ensure JRE is updated [$slapt-get --check jre]
C] Create an install folder named $Path/MyWGU-Messenger/ (in my case, /home/langobard/WGU/MyWGU-Messenger/)
D] place the .tar.gz in $Path/MyWGU-Messenger/
E] $cd $Path/MyWGU-Messenger
F] $tar xvzf <filename> (in my case, $tar xvzf MyWGU-Messenger_2_5_8.tar.gz)
G] Change line 145 in $Path/MyWGU-Messenger/MyWGU-Messenger/My-WGU-Messenger to " /usr/lib64/jre1.7.0_07/bin/unpack200 -r ${jar_file}.pack $jar_file"
H] Delete lines 156-226 in the same file.
I] $cd MyWGU-Messenger
J] $sh MyWGU-Messenger
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