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VL 7.1 panel preference
« on: August 31, 2014, 03:59:56 am »
The elementary-VL theme in Vector 7.1 is nice and also compliments the wallpaper in VLocity 2.2.6 imho, although a stylistic prerogative, I do not like the line across the panel when row size is increased over 24 in panel preferences. This is due (as far as I can tell) to the image "panel-dark.png" in /usr/share/themes/elementary-VL/gtk-2.0/apps/xfce-panel being 1x24 pixels. If you want to have the blended look without the line ( which appears due to duplication) you can open the image in gimp, select image/scale image and increase the height to 36 or 48 (this increases the width to 2) scale and export the image.

I copied the 1x24 image to /home and opened in gimp then exported from gimp to /home, overwriting with 2x36. I then renamed the original image as root for back up and added the new 2x36 panel-dark.png to the folder. I then log out and back in and have a blended panel with out the line until I increase the row size in panel preferences over 36 and so on. you can also edit the blend for a more dramatic effect to suit your preference. perhaps of no interest but I had fun figureing it out. small things amuse and what not.



stronger blend

did not see shutterbug in repository to highlight the area for pics, so kinda hard to see what I'm talking about
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Re: VL 7.1 panel preference
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