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« on: December 15, 2013, 10:37:52 pm »
I received an acer C720 chromebook for Christmas (opened it early (nobody's perfect)).  It has a 16 gig solidstate hard drive and runs on google's version of linux (based on gentoo, I think).  As time permits, I am going to see if I can get it to boot to a VL 7.0 usb stick or external solidstate hard drive, so I can use it for work, with VL external drive, as well as play and cloud-based work, with its existing google os.  I suspect this project will take me a long time, and may well be unsuccessful (I've never booted an operating system from a usb stick or external drive, though I have used a usb stick to load VL 7 on many computers).  The chromebook is a pretty cool machine for under $200. But etm, lyx, pop3 email and foxpro-dos don't work in the cloud.  And I think those programs might be too big to fit, along with VL, google os and everything else, on a 16 gig hard-drive.

If that doesn't work, I might just install, or try to install, VL7 on the hard-drive, writing over the google os. I think, with cloud storage, I would not need more than 16 gigs for VL 7 and all my programs.
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Re: chromebook
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 02:11:33 am »
Congrats on the new toy. we may all be soon using google credit and consumed by the google cloud. no more ownership just corporate commodity and access.

That aside it looks like the c720 does have a legacy boot option, here is a link to install arch that would be very similar in process.

A full install to usb or the unit would allow you to add programs. Vector does not offer persistent storage so live from usb means no saved settings. frequent writes to usb shortens the life of the stick to my understanding but if storage is clouded then it would just be the install of os and additional apps. and the additional ports offer local storage aswell

on a quick scan it may mean losing all your data to get into the  developer mode to enable the seabios. but a temporary situation I would hope. sounds like fun

Do post how it goes if you will

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Re: chromebook
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2014, 07:50:13 pm »
Necro post from one who has been away for a long time.

I have been busy with MX-14 and AntiX 14 development and testing and my Vector Linux IBM m41 had to go over to MX-14 for the time being.

I bought a Acer C710 dual core 4gig with ChromeOS on it.

If interested. If and when free time permits. I have done a lot of research and posted a blog on what I have found at

With everything from links for using crouton to enabling developer mode to custom Bohdi Linux and Fatdog Puppy linux comaptible isos. I think you will find sledgehammer that the biggest deal is finding a friendlily kernel and apps configured for the special touchapd these chromebooks uses.

Posting right now from a broke Install on my IBM t23 doing testing and file additions for AntiX 14 on a AntiX 13.2 install. I have bootup going OK till a desktop and then CPU runs at 100% and cpu temp cruises at 70C,

Neddless to say, something I added is way wrong. So I am troubleshooting running off a Upup Precise Puppy 256MB save file via a live cd boot. Looking through /var and also /home/username/desktop.log.O files for clues.
Fun and games testing as you guys know.

So if any of my documentation so far can be used by you sledgehammer, Go for it.
Bummed out burned out bored tester. Happy trails, Rok   

If you already solved your situation. Ignore my post.


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Re: chromebook
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2014, 07:38:18 pm »
Thanks rokytnji,

I haven't had time to fool with it.  My girlfriend uses it to check her email and surf and I occasionally watch a movie on hulu with it.  Frankly, with such a small hard drive (I think 16 gig), Its use for other purposes is somewhat limited.
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