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« on: April 03, 2014, 01:40:56 am »
Just spiffed up my VL7.1 desktop with an animation via xwinwrap from the repository.
In addition to screensavers xwinwrap can also run a video clip such as the one snapped here called BlueHexGrid.


You can find this and many more here for free, both flv and mp4 worked for me. sample in the scroll list and download below it

To run as wallpaper type the following in run program from the menu or in terminal

xwinwrap -ni -o 0.3 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet -loop 0 /home/someone/Downloads/BlueHexGrid.flv

Note: you will not have icons or right click menu with these settings, here I am not using icons and can toggle off xwinwrap if I need the right click desktop menu, I still get pop ups for usb

To exit type: killall xwinwrap
(the next time you open run program you can choose from the list to save copy pastes. simply type x or k)

If you want to try an animated gif you can convert it here:

I had some issue with aspect ratio with some smaller gif

Here are some xwinwrap settings I googled to toy with, you can change the opacity via the number after -o (O.1,2,3,4 ETC)

 -g = parse geometry
 -ni = no input
 -argb = argb visual
 -fs = full screen
 -s = sticky
 -st = skip taskbar
 -sp = skip pager
 -a = above
 -b = below
 -nf = no focus

Another find on youtube- Good Night Earth.mp4

I have a downloader extension in the browser so downloaded from there but try what you like.
I found BlueHexGrid used less resource on my minimal specs

Perhaps of interest to someone, improves my gimp wallpaper considerably imho

Cheers  :)
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Re: xwinwrap
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If you like the effect of xwinwrap but would like to toggle it on and off you can add the commands to launchers.

right click the xfce panel and choose panel/add new item then select launcher and click add

right click the launcher and click properties click the + symbol and choose About Xfce and add, do this twice.

click on one of the entries and then click edit at the bottom of the selection list and replace the name, comment, and icon (click the icon symbol) with what you like then add the command ie:
xwinwrap -ni -o 0.4 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet -loop 0 aspect 16:9 /home/someone/documents/BlueHexGrid.mp4, and save

in the second the command should be: killall xwinwrap

you can now toggle on and off
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Re: xwinwrap
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Cool...thumbs up :)