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Author Topic: VectorLinux 7.1 final has been released!!!!!!  (Read 7541 times)


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Re: VectorLinux 7.1 final has been released!!!!!!
« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2015, 08:18:47 am »

Vincent2 your input is welcome, including what you view as shortfalls.

The problem is being able to decrypt exactly what you are trying to say.

If in fact the programs do not automatically decrypt how does that leave anything
open in the wild?

You comment on VL7.1 deliberately doing anything without being involved as
a developer is not a statement you should be making.

The development team takes security seriously. At no point is anything done to reduce security.

The crash for sylpheed and claws-mail will be looked into.



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Re: VectorLinux 7.1 final has been released!!!!!!
« Reply #31 on: August 27, 2015, 08:22:23 pm »

NOw the issue 're figured out, "pinentry"  's necassary for  PGP decrption in mail clients.But  on VL7.1 , pinentry  package 's missing still...Have to go slackware repo to grab it, once pinentry  is installed, everything's back to normal and stable again  with PGP mail clients now......
same issue encountered before with vl7.0 as well...

once pinentry installed, claws-mail 3.12 version sorce code's compiled from source install,running  stable  now
(claws-mail 3.9.3 pkg on VL7.1 repo doesn't support TLS, ssl protocol when pkg's compiled), but if  modifying  configure seetings of claws-mails, press save button, claismail soon went crashed, pressing apply button everything's normal...

at least claws-mail 's lightweighted in comparison to thunderbird...

pls. do upload some PGP key management tools to vl7.1 repo  as well.

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