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Author Topic: udev issue?  (Read 701 times)
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« on: January 27, 2014, 12:58:54 pm »

seems to me that while booting a usb stick it is assigned its drive designation first. meaning that a usb stick would be sda and the hdd would be sdb. so, for example, ive installed b2.4 from usb stick which is at /dev/sda and hdd is sdb. so after install on boot its looking to mount sdb, but without a usb stick inserted the hdd is assigned sda and thus wont boot because during install the hdd was at sdb. so i insert the usb stick (just inserted, not booting from) and it boots proper since now the hdd is assigned to sdb.

the inverse is the same issue as well. if i install from cd /dvd the hdd is assigned hda as is appropriate, however if you have a usb stick inserted the hdd again becomes hdb and thus wont boot unless you remove the usb stick

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« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 06:01:22 pm »

hmmmm.  That $COULD be the case, but if it were, the issue should be more prevalent than it seems to be.  I've never heard of anyone else having that issue.

The quick fix would be to tweak your initrd file on the hdd to put root on /dev/[sh]da*\.  Vector doesn't ship with mkinitrd, but it's available from slackware.  If you take a look at my LVM how-to in this section, there's probably enough info to tweak your initrd.  If not I can definitely give more advice.

Placing the usb drive into your machine after booting from the hdd definitely shouldn't be reassigning your hdd.  udev does keep some persistent naming rules but it doesn't reassign drive nodes once they've been let out.  If you already have a /dev/sda, udev won't mount another device on that node.

it's a pretty interesting problem.  Could you possibly post some of the log file?  Actually, even simpler: could you do this and post the output?  You need a root terminal.

1.  first without usb inserted:
2.  then after inserting usb stick
#dmesg | tail
3.  and once again after removing usb stick
#dmesg | tail

and just post the data so I can take a look?
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