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Is VL64 still actively developed, where to file bug reports for V64 7.1RC2 ?

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The Headacher:
Hi guys and gals, long time no see!

I've recently acquired a 'new' used laptop from work, and since it's a nice 64 bit machine I figured I'd give our 64 bit release a try. I intend to use this machine intensively and get the most out of it's processor, so I would prefer using a 64 bit OS.

I downloaded and installed VL64-7.1 RC2 with some issues, and it's running fine now. I have found some things that one might report as a bug, however I can't seem to find an announcement thread pointing to a place where we can file bug reports.

It seems like VL64 is pretty much dead, or am I mistaking here? If VL64 is no longer actively developed that's fine, just wondering if I should still use it or if I should switch to vanilla Slackware64 for this machine.

Have a nice weekend y'all!

Bugs can be reported here:

Yesterday, we were talking about the possibility of releasing 7.1 (both versions) within the next week.

yes, it is very much being developed and maintained

The Headacher:

--- Quote from: wigums on September 13, 2014, 12:38:30 pm ---yes, it is very much being developed and maintained

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Alright! Reason I asked is that the install went rather... uneasy so I felt like there were some issues in the installer that might need to be addressed. However, I installed a new hard-disk (I got me one of them SSD's, I can recommend it to everyone who is thinking about spending an extra few bucks to increase performance) and this time around installation went without a hitch. Guess the problem was a gremlin living in the old drive  ;D (it was flaky and needed to be replaced anyhow). Also, the RC1 and RC2 where about a month apart and then nothing for a while, so that got me doubting if it was still getting attention.

--- Quote from: retired1af on September 13, 2014, 07:42:51 am ---Bugs can be reported here:

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I'll bookmark that one, thanks.

There were indeed installer problems in RC2. Latest candidate is RC2.2.6. You can wait for RC3 or final release (one or the other drops soon), or take a look at what's-the-latest in

Bug reports:
The "vabs" tree has been integrated into each release, release being "vl71" here.


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