Author Topic: after installation Vector Linux 7 gold ita  (Read 2193 times)


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after installation Vector Linux 7 gold ita
« on: October 06, 2014, 12:03:20 am »
I'm an italian user and I have many doubts.
First of all, sorry for my english : I used Google translator.

I installed Vector Linux 7 Gold and I like it but I do not know the slackware language.

So, after the installation, I would like to install the prg with which they are most accustomed to.  I found some of them, like  Avidemux and K3b, in the package manager and then I installed them normally, but (first issue) K3b find it in the Media section but will not start. How do I fix it?

Other else, like qBittorrent and WinFF, there aren't in Gslapt and then I want to know if it is possible, (second problem), how I install them by the terminal with all the repository.

The trash application does not work (third problem). When I delete a file there is a window that says : "Can not find or create trash directory". How do I fix it?

Finally, I found Firefox installed and I installed from Gslapt Thundrbird but they are both in English (fourth problem). Is there a way to make it in Italian?

Thank you for your disponibilty