Author Topic: Kernel Parameter "auto": what does it mean? How to disable?  (Read 20362 times)


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VL Light 7.0 (13.37 / 3.0.17)

I'm working on trying to fix the problem in this thread:

When comparing the working drive and non-working drive, I noticed in the Xorg.0.log on the non-working drive:
Kernel command line: auto BOOT_IMAGE=linux-mame ro root=801 2

I don't have "auto" listed in the log on the working drive.  What does the parameter "auto" do?  This parameter is not listed in LILO or /proc/cmdline .  I can't find any specific information about it.  I tried auto=false for grins but no changes for my situation in the thread.

Just trying to get more information about this auto parameter and how I might be able to disable it (at least for testing).

~ Rytz