Author Topic: Help; this message could not get to the administrator. Need help:  (Read 2273 times)


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Two problems: Do not know login or password
And have a WIn modem. How do I make my Vector Linux LIte work wirelessly? I am entering the hospital in the mrning for a knee replacement and will not get back to this for at least 4 or 5 days.



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Re: Help; this message could not get to the administrator. Need help:
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Hear from you in recovery I expect..dont eat the blue jello..nevermind...all the best :)

as to login and password..if you installed Vector Light you should have been ask to create a user name and passwords for user and root during install. you may need to reinstall and follow the prompts more closely

did you add a gui, I think it was lxde and you had to choose during install or are you wanting to use command line only

the win modem was used for microsoft windows dial up services.

 if you want to use wireless internet and the laptop does not have built in wireless you will need a usb port and a usb wireless stick that works with linux and your wireless modem.

 or if you have or can find one, a pcmcia wireless card that works with linux and a pcmcia slot.

 If you have built in wireless that is not detected you may need to disable it before using an alternative. or find a driver that works.

it would be helpfull if you were to post the make and model of your computer and  its current specs as it will be hard for members to offer any specific advice without it.

you may find that after a proper install you only need to click the network icon in the system tray and add your network

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