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Author Topic: Vector People - iceWM leads to Kernel Panic  (Read 1383 times)


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Vector People - iceWM leads to Kernel Panic
« on: July 18, 2015, 06:00:57 am »

Yesterday --

I just installed the latest Vector then installed iceWM. then when I logged into it, as soon as I get in I am asked for a pass word to get wicd working.

WIFI was already working just fine before IceWm, now I am getting asked for a password it to get WIFI to work? then I think, which pass word? because it did not specify. even though logical thought on governed by the knowledge that root is probably what it was asking for. Doubt stayed because it who ever wrote that program failed to specify just so their would be no doubt at all.

Knowing I have a 50/50 chance I enter the user password first. then played process of elimination. because that did not work. I logged out, then back in again after reading all of the wicd messages telling me it is having problems accessing my card.

upon logging back in to see if wicd would give me a second chance to put a different password in. Luckily it did. this time i put the onle one left to put in. ROOT. wicd goes through the same process as before. Telling me it is having problems and not I. But only giving me problems now because if it's own problems.

So I just said screw this I'll just go back into XFCE4 where I know i had WIFI. So I logged about out then went back to XFCE4 then wicd shut me down again asking me for a password then telling me that it now needs root privleages to work. So evasive maneuvers kick in to try and side track this problem I am now having all because I installed IceWM.

I see wcid telling me I do not have WIFI with as many messages it can so I just panic, What NO WIFI? without really checking it, then just reboot to see if I can just reset it. Then as it is rebooting the Kernel follows suit and Panics too.

So I just do a hard shutdown then reboot into VOID to finish setting that up, and post in LinuxQuestions this too.

Now I am thinking IceWM has to be set up to use wicd. it is a Windows Manager not a Network Manager. Who ever set iceWM to use wicd by default made a boo boo, and I am now having to deal with it their error in thinking.

as far as the kernel panic. I think that was just a fluke. But it defiantly has a wicd problem thinking I have wcid without checking to see what I really have then just using that. Instead of telling me I have to set up wicd to run not only in iceWM but XFCE4 too now.

I have no idea who to really contact about this problem that is now set into my Copy of Vector installed onto my Laptop. But, nevertheless, it is something the people at Vector Linux needs to address to alleviate this problem from never happening again.

Who ever set up the package for IceWm and within that install having IceWM thinking it needs wcid to work proficiently is in error of their thinking. I am removing IceWM until such a time this has be rectified. Hoping this too will remove the wcid problem it brought along with it.

Just taking the advice of one from LinuxQuestions and notifying you of this error in your own Forum (that I forgot you had).

Vector Linux on itself, looks nice. I have not had time to put into it to see how well it has been package as a whole, as I do run SLackWare 14.1 and just thought I'd give you and others a look see.

I do hope that this is brought up to your attention about IceWM so that you can take the proper steps to have this install probelm removed, and I hope that others do not have this same problem, if they do then by rectifying this install setup problem that is within IceWM setup then no one will ever have to try and deal with this problem ever again in Vector Linux.

UPDATE I just removed IceWM and that wcid problem that it brought along with it still remains. wcid is asking me for a password then not accepting the only two passwords I have for this VectorLinux system. then giving me **** by popping up all of these massages of how it has issues about and as a result it is now giving me problems due to its own personal issues.

when I am in XFCE4 no less that uses NetworkManager. the only bright side to this is that it does not shut NM down in the process.
I'm booting out of this Distro until a solution to this problem as been found. I am not messing with it right now I have other things to do and another Distro I can use that does not give me these little head aches to do it in.

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Re: Vector People - iceWM leads to Kernel Panic
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2015, 07:04:13 am »

Looks like you installed the "icewmvmods" package, which is mainly used for creating VL Light. As mentioned in its description, it pulls in a lot of dependencies, one being wicd.

To solve your problem, either remove wicd using command "removepkg wicd", or disable it with "service -r wicd" (done as root, of course).

This bug report came just in time to get this corrected before final release of Light, thank you!  :)