Author Topic: UDEV / Kernel: physical usb bus numbers changing? (VL 7.1 Light / K3.18)  (Read 1879 times)


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I need some clarification on the workings of usb identification in kernel 3.18.

I use UDEV rules to identify usb hardware devices on physical ports based on the attribute "KERNELS".  The format is "BUS-DEVICE", which shows as "#-#", or "1-1", depending on the bus and device numbers.

In VL 7.0 / Kernel 3.2, the bus number would always stay the same.

In VL 7.1 / Kernel 3.18, the bus number seems to be a random number between 1-3 (at least on my hardware).  The device numbers are at least the same.

I was able to modify my rules to make my system work as intended, but would like to understand why the bus numbers are changing.  Can anyone provide insight on the changing bus numbers?

~ Rytz