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do the kids get a free Montecristo fo signing up?


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" where Windows 98 is king."  May explain the "third world" part.  Bill Gates earns more $ every morning before he has his coffee than most Americans earn in a lifetime.  Gates and the other monopolists (Buffet, etc) are doing the best to keep the world poor.  They are living on your money, on mine, and our government protects them.   Our failure as a nation to confront the monopolists is, simply put, immoral in every sense of that word.   

Best wishes.  I enjoy your posts.

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If you have a population of walking illiterates, where schools are a disaster, teachers underpaid, where you're venerated by the amount of money you make (regardless of the method), instead of what good you do for society, finally you destroy it.

If you think the Nile is something you deny instead of a are in dire straights.
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