Author Topic: VESA driver issue  (Read 3679 times)


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VESA driver issue
« on: March 07, 2016, 02:10:55 pm »
I tried installing 32-bit VL 7.1 on 64 bit machine, and it failed to start X. There is is a segmentation fault while running xorgsetup. It loads and tries each driver until it gets to VESA and then it segfaults. I have installed from the same CD on two different true 32-bit machines, and it didn't happen. It is not a general Linux issue, because I managed to install 32-bit PCLinuxOS on the same machine. It might be the issue of particular X version. However, I don't have access to that machine at the moment, so I can't tell what was the Xorg version in PCLinuxOS, was it the same or different one.